Indonesia, The world’s 4th most populous country Ranks 163rd in tests per 1 million people


Indonesia, The world’s 4th most populous country Ranks 163rd in tests per 1 million people

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  1. What articles like this never mention is that countries like Indonesia are seriously affected by dengue.

    The problem with Corona and dengue is that tests are cross-sensitive. Corona was not an issue when the dengue tests have been developed and this Corona mutation is just to new to have an approved and properly test available.

    The photos from the graveyards look horrible but blaming all the deaths on Corona might leads to wrong conclusion in a country where dengue has some 1000% more infected people than Corona.

    Singapore just publish new data regarding their dengue outbreak. Singapore breaks now every week its former dengue record. While Corona was never a burden for its hospitals, dengue is now.

  2. The more important point is Indonesia has one of the lowest death rates from COVID-19 in the world:

    Perhaps not coincidentally Indonesia embraced early prescribing HCQ to fight COVID-19:

    Indonesia to keep prescribing two malaria drugs for COVID-19 despite bans in Europe.
    *“The world’s fourth-most populous nation has since late March recommended that chloroquine and its derivative, hydroxychloroquine, be widely administered, including to coronavirus patients with moderate to severe symptoms, according to Food and Drug Monitoring Agency guidelines.”*

  3. The excess mortality in Jakarta alone are 55% higher than a normal year, with almost none of the deaths reported as Covid-19. 55% are significantly higher than pretty much every hard-hit country in Europe, including France and Sweden who are both less than half of that number.


  4. Perhabs we can investigate comorbidities like age, hypertension rate, obesity rates,etc., when analyzing the effect of HCQ on death rates as a whole in a country like we do when analyzing it for patients in a trial. By the way one explanation offered was that it was due to Asian countries having higher testing rates, so infected people can be separated out and quarantined more effectively. But the example of Indonesia disqualifies that explanation.

    Also, the possibility of genetic factors needs to be considered. I had not thought that a likely explanation but when looking up refs on toxicity of HCQ, I found that Asians have higher susceptibility to eye problems due to HCQ so doctors have to take that into account when prescribing it to people of Asian ancestry. Another puzzling fact is that Asian countries appear to have a much lower prevalence of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis than Western countries, by a factor of 10 or more.


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