Ghana: Dismantling Nigeria! By Ozodinukwe Okenwa


Recently in Accra, Ghana, an anonymous Ghanaian businessman reportedly led some armed men into the premises of the Nigerian Embassy and bulldozed some structures under construction claiming that the Nigerian property encroached on their ancestral land. As the ‘bandits’ were pulling down the block of apartments on the property in the night it was reported that some policemen were sighted near-by but they did nothing to restrain the gang from defacing Nigeria and her sovereignty.

And days after the ugly incident in the Ghanaian capital city a video went viral online depicting a violent demonstration of some frustrated Nigerians inside the Nigerian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were seen destroying whatever they could lay their hands on. The dozens of young men were protesting the intimidation and harassment they were daily subjected to by the immigration personnel of their host country.

Following the death of a Nigerian, days prior, who jumped down accidentally from a multiple storey building in the Indonesian capital city while dogding arrest or deportation or both folks yonder became livid with rage. The angry boys took out their anger and frustration on the embassy for the callous indifference or nonchalant attitude often displayed by the embassy staff led by the Ambassador at hours of need. 

Majority of Nigerians living and labouring in many countries are always on their own. Many had been killed and many had had their properties confiscated or destroyed by…




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