Did Will Smith really permit another man to have sex with his wife? » YNaija


Trouble in ‘Black Power Couple’ paradise, as the beans is spilled on some of the behind the scenes gossip on Will and Jada Smith’s relationship.

An open relationship is a concept that has existed for quite some time now. Some couples do opt for this option when they feel the need to explore their sexual fantasies outside of their relationship.

While a few have been practicing this odd fetish for some time now, it is still an idea that many people do not welcome.

Today, the concept of open relationships proved to be even more stigmatised when it involves beloved celebrity couples.

In a recent interview, R&B singer August Alsina shared an experience he had with Jada Smith: Hollywood actress, and wife of movie star, Will Smith. August admitted to having an affair with Jada, stating that he gave himself completely to her for years. The interesting part was when he disclosed that her husband, Will, gave him his blessings.

Since the release of this clip, the Smiths’ relationship is all everyone seems to be talking about. For the longest time, this couple has anchored what a prestigious black family should look like and had been perceived as the ideal faithful partnership, which explains why people are having a hard time accepting this new development.

Reactions have been off the roof, as many have fun with the…




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