DeWine facing GOP mutiny in rural Ohio over coronavirus


DeWine facing GOP mutiny in rural Ohio over coronavirus

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  1. >“I think that it is up to us as citizens to decide if we want to go out and take a chance of getting it, if we want to wear a mask or not,”

    If only their decisions affected no one but themselves….

  2. Governor DeWine has done a fabulous job of protecting our state. The only point he gave in on that I think was a mistake was not mandating masks in public which is quite the opposite of the complaints by the right. Maybe these complainers should move to Florida it would seem to be more in line with their way of thinking.

  3. Fine. Every county goes their own way. Those that choose not to enact the restrictions must stay in their own county. Deploy the national guard at all exits to enforce it. They can be as free as they want but stay the hell away from everyone else.

  4. DeWine can sleep well at night knowing he did what he felt was in the best interest of the citizens of Ohio. The steps he took were necessary because you can’t just say “every city for themselves” or even “every county for themselves” because one county not taking it seriously will have a similar effect to being next to an unmasked infected person in a crowded room. The end result is those counties that take the precautions would be harmed by the counties that don’t.

  5. Ohio (member of the same party as DeWine) here. Not all of us are in the Covid denial business.

    I’m proud of Gov. DeWine and hope he continues to make the tough decisions to keep Ohio from turning into New York and (now) Arizona.

    These Idiots attacking him are shameful. I am embarrassed by them.

  6. I grew up in Malaysia and we all have to study a subject called civic. Basically it is a subject about how to be a good citizen such as respect for elders, respect for law officers, be a good neighbor, etc. I wonder do you have such subject in your school curriculum in US. it is very hard for us to fathom the fact that people are unwilling to do a simple act such as mask wearing that could potentially save the lives of many people. I reckon something is very wrong in your education system.

  7. when COVID hits rural Ohio or any other rural area, the effects will not end well as lack of healthcare was a problem before COVID in these areas. So let karma do its thing


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