Contact Tracers Struggle to Get People to Answer Phones and Questions


Contact Tracers Struggle to Get People to Answer Phones and Questions

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  1. What kind of information do they ask when contact tracing? The second I’m asked a personal question from a number I’m not familiar with, I’m hanging up. Too many scammers to risk anything.

  2. Just make it a phone app that the health provider sends you an invite to with your test. While they are at it they should make a health tracker to log symptoms and severity. And with a function to request a doctor/nurse to call if you actually need something.

  3. I feel for states that want to do this correctly but I fear we are well past this point where contact tracing is feasible. Even for states that are trying hard, like NY, it will be blown by other states that arent.


    Lost cause. If anything we should just dress nursing home workers in astronaut suits and be dome with it because its too late to do this right at this point.


    Also what a horrible job, like working in a call center of underskilled FBI agents

  4. I’m not surprised a good portion of people I know. A. dont answer their phone and B. aren’t gonna be helpful in the slightest for a random government person trying to track who they’ve been around.

  5. Thanks to scammers most people are skeptical of answering any unexpected calls. Caller ID spoofing is a thing, so whatever shows up on my phone when it’s ringing is basically irrelevant. Banks/companies have been reiterating for years that customers won’t be called and asked for sensitive information to try to keep a handle on phishing victims. I would never give information to someone who called and asked for it.

    I’m sure it won’t take long for a scammer posing as a contact tracer to start calling people, and saying their online banking username and password are required to be disclosed to verify identity and you have to pay for this call with iTunes gift cards or we will have you taken in by the local cops and your social security number will be frozen.


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