Alleged Rape: Arrest D’Banj To Prevent Further Perversion Of Justice, Victim Intimidation, Lawyers Tells Police


The Coalition of Public Interest Lawyers and Advocates has asked the Nigeria Police Force to arrest musician, Oladapo Oyebanjo better known as D’Banj, for allegedly intimidating Seyitan Babatayo after she accused him of rape.

Patrick Odey, Director, Human Rights and Gender for COPA, in a statement said it was unfortunate the police which should be responsible for objectively investigating the matter had availed themselves a willing tool for intimidation without allowing the law take its course.

He said, “We do hereby express our disappointment with the conduct of the relevant agencies tasked with investigating such matters, particularly the Nigeria Police whose complicity in an ensuing chain of event from the date of the allegations made by Ms. Seyitan Babatayo have muddled up and complicated the process for truth and justice in this matter. 

“While the substantive matter has continued to generate divergent opinion on social media with regards to its veracity, there are genuine concerns that Mr D’Banj whose primary concern should be the establishment of his innocence through legal steps has been misled or  blinded by his affluence to employ the use of some charlatans in the Nigeria Police Force to arrest, oppress and put pressure on the victim, Ms Seyitan Babatayo, clearly to pervert the cause of justice in this matter. 

“In a keenly worded press release, Ms Seyitan reveals that initial efforts to make an official report was thwarted by unscrupulous members of the…




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