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In this era, there are quite a handful of Twitter comedians all notable for their relatable characters and humorous skits; ranging from Taooma, Josh2funny, to Maraji and many more. But there is an argument that hardly can anyone among them be compared with the range displayed by popular entertainer, Lasisi Elenu.

He started off creating passionate rant videos in his car, tagged “Lasisi here again. Something just happened right now” and soon evolved into creating other forms of content such as developed skit making. He created several identifiable characters, including Mama Itohan, Jacuzzi; showing off an incredible posterity in range. His skits are such that whenever a new one is released, it is sure to make the trending list.

However, one of his latest skits, introducing a new character labelled atomic bomb, drew the attention of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). In the skit, Lasisi parodies ‘Nigerian Lawyers,’ conducting an exaggerated mimicry of their practices in the Nigerian law court. 

The Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Habeeb Lawal, quoted the tweet and declared it inappropriate and an inaccurate representation of the Nigerian law system. He stated that he was using Lasisi as a point of reference to other comedians and as such if anyone one wants to represent the law profession, they must adorn the right garments in the right manner. He also concluded by saying they had the rights to take steps to restrict such…




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