Akinyele LGA: Is a serial killer on the loose in Oyo State? » YNaija


It’s no secret that Nigeria does have its own distinctive security issues. Reports on criminal activities range from extortion to kidnapping, fraud, and even armed robbery. With these crimes, there is a common denominator, and that factor is motive, particularly the motive to get some cash.

Most crimes synonymous with the Nigerian society often arises as a result of a desperate search for money. Nearly all of the despicable deeds you would find on the media, almost always points to a crime motivated by money. So, how to respond to crimes with unusual motives is something lost on us.

Such appears to be the case in Akinyele Local Government area of Oyo State. Several residents in this area have reported mysterious and brutal attacks on unsuspecting victims, especially on women and children. Causing many to believe that the state may have a serial killer on the loose.

News of yet another attack on a woman and her daughter, who were nearly butchered to death by the assailant, made its way on social media today.

Nigerians on Twitter have caught wind on the issue and have decided to address this reoccurring problem. They are calling on the appropriate…




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