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6 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

There is a thin line between being busy and being productive

We spend the day and we get home at night feeling tired and if productivity was measured for that day; it’s quite below expectation

So, here are the bad habits that are secretly draining your energy that you need to pay attention to:


There’s this saying that “a lot of what weighs you down isn’t even yours to carry”

Don’t stress yourself about things you can’t control and move on to controlling things that you can

Hey, you can’t control traffic jams, so let go of the anxiety!


For most of us, I know night happens to be the most productive time of the day for us, however, try and sleep early to wake up early enough which gives you a good head start into the day

Staying up too late is bad for your mental health

Don’t form “I’m an entrepreneur, I only sleep 4 hrs.; not in Lagos atmosphere”


It’s in the past, so let it remain in the past and not in the present

This is secretly taking up useful energy for the present if you allow it


Ah, this!

How do I address this?

While working at my 9-5 job, I did an experiment which was:

Day 1: I used my phone immediately I got to work, went online, checked social media posts amidst other things online

Day 2: Immediately, I got to work, I just went off to do the needful, clear the necessary files, make the necessary calls and follow-ups

Result: I found out that on Day 1, it took me longer to get into the mood for work that day and eventually when I did, I could hardly do much that day while on Day 2, productivity was high and my strength was still in place up till lunchtime which didn’t happen on Day 1


Exercise plays an important role in our overall physical and mental wellness but we often take it for granted or that exercise is meant for only people who want to shed weight! Foul!

Sitting for 6 or more hours at our places of work make some muscles stiff and we need to relax these muscles; hence the need for exercise


Not eating healthy also contribute to draining energy in your body such that you revert back to junks again to shoot up your energy

Include fruits in your weekly meal plan. Find time to detox and do your body some good

Stop these bad habits and see yourself performing at your peak once again!

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