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4 Different Kinds of People! Which one are you?

4 Different Kinds of People! Which one are you?

There are a lot of different kinds of people on planet earth, more so, here in my country, Nigeria

However, we have decided to classify people into 4 different categories based on how much time they have, how much money they’ve got and also travel

4 different kinds of people, which one do you belong to:


You know yourself in this category; recent graduates, people out of job due to one policy or the other, etc.

The only thing rich in you is TIME.

Money, you’ve got little to none which makes you not to be able to travel

Anyways, spend your time wisely and invest in yourself, then sooner, you will be full of knowledge and rich

9-5 JOB

Yes! 90% of Nigerian Youths are here

Time and Travel, they have not while they have MONEY (those working with good companies, of course)

Save up and invest now so that you can have enough time to yourself later and also to travel


I know them too!

They have MONEY and also TRAVEL, but time, they have not!

So much engrossed in their business. Well, for now, it’s a good thing. Just round it up in time so that you can spend your money by yourself


The last but not the least category: Business owners

They have TIME, MONEY, and also TRAVEL

The point here is for you to strive to be a business owner because being self-employed is like the modern-day 9-5 while the usual 9-5 is modern-day slavery.

Earn money, save it and invest it in businesses you can own!

Till we meet again!

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